#031 – Beauty is closer to home than you think

Hi, my name is Brad Newman and Iʼm a twenty-three years old graphic designer and photographer based in South Wales.

My passion for being creative has always been present, but appeared more obvious throughout my teenage years when I was more interested in creative courses, as opposed to the classical ‘academicʼ studies in school. I never really gave it much thought until I decided that ‘A levels’ were not meant for me, and I decided to pursue art and design at the local college. This is where I experimented with a variety of creative avenues, before finally having my first real taste of graphic design and photography. We were taught how to set up indoor studios for photography, as well as creating ‘pin-holeʼ cameras and developing our images in dark rooms. This sparked my initial obsession with photography.

During my studies, my father purchased a Canon 600D dSLR for himself, and I would take the camera to practice different styles of photography. I became interested in macro photography around this time, and used my savings to purchase a macro lens. This enhanced my chances of properly capturing images of anything such as flowers, bugs and basic objects found in my house. Granted, these images were absolutely terrible, but I loved finding hidden details that everyone missed because they didn’t take a closer look. The fact I could see the bigger picture in the smallest details, thanks to the camera kit, pushed me to seek details in everything around me.

… I loved finding hidden details that everyone missed…

Since owning my Canon 6D Mark II full-frame dSLR, I’ve divulged into other forms of photography. These vary from landscape, through to outdoor and travel. Travel being my main focus because of my desire to explore and find details in beautiful places. This passion for adventure has taken me to places such as Iceland, Chernobyl, Portugal, Amsterdam and Scotland, to name a few. Being forever on my bucket list, I’ve an upcoming trip to Switzerland in September. Be sure to follow my journey in a camper van with some of my oldest friends. Lately, since purchasing a telephoto lens, Iʼve began to branch-out experimentally with other forms of photography such as wildlife and automotive photography. These not only challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone, but push me to develop myself and my creative and photographical skills.

Most of my photography showcases the beautiful country I call home – Wales. We have such amazing wildlife, landscapes and scenery that offer such a variety of photographic opportunities to capture. I hardly ever have to leave to find something beautiful that I’ve never seen before.

We [Wales] have such amazing wildlife, landscapes and scenery…

I love showing people what Wales has to offer, and have lost count of times people ask me questions such as “Where was this?”, “Is that Wales?” or “Where were those puffin shots taken?”. “How did you find those deer, and where at?”, always excite me, because I get to share that these beautiful locations and animals are right on our doorstep.

Iʼve witnessed breathtaking sunsets on golden beaches, stood in thunderstorms watching distant lightning strikes (and sometimes closer than I would like. Stay indoors people) and walked through blizzard-like conditions along a volcanic coastline. I’ve stood in the centre of a nuclear cooling tower, and have captured all these moments to remember that I never would have achieved had it not been for picking up a camera.

… these beautiful locations and animals are right on our doorstep…

Photography for me, is two simple things; making memories and showcasing this beautiful planet. Without photography, I probably wouldn’t be as creative and fulfilled as I am today, and think that my life would be a lot more dull and boring. The memories I’ve created will last a lifetime and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of capturing them.

We live on a beautiful planet full of wonder and amazing things to behold. I’m constantly looking back on everything I’ve experienced so far and smiling, knowing that I don’t settle for the mundane. I put myself out there to witness these magical experiences and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Brad Newman is a freelance photographer, adventurer and graphic designer based in Wales.
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