#027 – By land, sea and air

I am a photographer who currently resides in Southsea, in the seaside town of Portsmouth. I was classically trained at university through the medium of film. Now I predominantly shoot digitally with the odd foray back into film every now and again.

There are many a places to go within the area of Portsmouth, it never tires with new and exciting things to capture. I am fascinated by the place photographically. There is so much to offer in terms of landmarks and opportunities to capture though the lens…

Colour plays a major part within my work, this stemmed from my dissertation which was all about the birth of colour photography in England and who it was heavily influenced by photographers capturing small town America.

Over the last few years I have built a steady and solid following on social media, with this I have found myself influenced by others around me.

– An introduction to David Tuckwell (via his website)

Creative Collective had the pleasure of asking David some questions about his photography. Here is what he had to share with everyone:

CC: What is the story behind your photography?

DT:  The story behind my work is simple, I live by the sea, I photograph the sea and all the surroundings. Now I have been photographing for a couple of years seriously after a lengthy gap after studying the subject at university. This has allowed me to document the seasons as they change. Nothing compares to a long summer day that ends with a lengthy sunset.

CC: Do you have any photographic aspirations?

DT: My aspirations are simply to let as many people to see the world through my eyes as possible, whether it be a seascape, sunset or a drone shot.

CC: How long have you practised photography?

DT: I started out as a child photographing with a simple point and shoot, that then developed later on in life to studying at A-Level, then degree level. One day I will complete a Masters in photography, which should allow me to reach my goal of being a lecturer.

CC: Where does your inspiration come from?

DT: Inspiration is all around whether consciously or unconsciously. Photography from America by William Eggleston & Stephen Shore fascinate me in particular. More recently, Simon Roberts too. The way they make even the most mundane scene special is a beauty to withhold.

CC: What motivates you to ‘get out there’ and shoot?

DT: Motivation is always in abundance. A few years ago I would only go out if it was sunny. This meant unfortunately I wouldn’t go out much. Now I go out whatever the conditions, which allows me to adapt my skills for any condition. Motivation through grief and more recently, happiness, is something that has occurred with my working ethic.

CC: What’s in your camera bag?

DT: I changed my camera last year from a Canon 5D Mk ii to a Canon 5D Mk iv which took time to get used to, and more recently I purchased a drone.

CC: Have you made mistakes in your work, and if so, how did you learn from them?

DT: I wouldn’t say I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learnt from things that didn’t go my way. For example, timing the tide perfectly to take a long exposure of a couple of wooden stumps leading into the sea. After several attempts I got the photo I wanted.

CC: Are plans important to you in photography?

DT: Sometimes I go out with a plan to take a photo of something specific, most times I go out with cameras & tripod in tow and see where the wind takes me.

CC: What is your editing process? What software do you use?

DT: All of my photographs are edited almost in exactly the same way using Adobe Photoshop; rarely do I deviate from this. I do this try and keep a sense of continuity with my work. With the size of the sensor and the fact the drone shoots in DNG format (as opposed to full frame RAW files), they are dealt with slightly differently.

CC: Do you still shoot film?

DT: For Christmas I was bought a film camera that I have wanted for years, so I am using that, which again is a different ball game entirely.

CC: Could you provide some photography tips to our readers?

DT: Tips for others are to take photos of what you want rather than what you think people will want to see. People may be bored of seeing the same landmark in my photos, but some landmarks and locations mean a lot to me. Also, practise makes perfect.

David Tuckwell aka davetbythesea, is a landscape, seascape and film photographer from Portsmouth, UK.

Browse and support his photography:
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