Here are some answers to questions you might be thinking…

What’s special about Creative Collective?

Here at Creative Collective we truly believe that whilst creative output is essential to the growth of creativity, experience and portfolios, there is much to be learned from the individuals behind the work. We can all admire someone’s passionate content and catalogue of work, and indeed this alone can inspire. However, all content has a creator of which it originates, and this is what we feel can be commonly overlooked; the person behind the work. Collectively, as consumers of creative content, it is important to recognise that what we observe, hear or think in regards to content is usually the embodiment and expression of one’s own experience, ideas, influences, mindsets and personal worldview. Creating is mostly an active process of conscious projection in a limitless language. We advocate hearing from individuals and giving them an opportunity to discuss their journeys, goals, tips, experiences and meaning behind work. Through this we hope to encourage and inspire a diverse creative community through insight, promoting the message that personal stories matter just as much as the story emanating from one’s work.

Why should I get involved?

Getting involved can be a great decision for many reasons. Firstly, as a medium to inspire others, processing and re-iterating your own understanding of your work can be highly beneficial. Whether this is expressing struggles and over-comings, tips or just delving into the personal process of your creations, you may discover a new appreciation or direction for your creative work. Frequently in this industry, the demand of creation, hard work and client requests can result in a stressful monotony of routine which can leave one feeling uninspired and demotivated. Taking a step back and removing yourself from your ‘creative zone’ or workload can re-establish your own perspective of your work. It can encourage new ideas and give a broader sense of direction and aspiration. Sharing stories of your experience, who you are and what you create, from an introductory perspective can allow you to see yourself in new ways and re-discover your importance in the ever-growing creative industry. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to show off your personal choice of work, so choose your favourites wisely. We understand with the power of social media and e-commerce sites that you already have an array of platforms to showcase and distribute your work, but rarely with in-depth stories and insight. This is a chance to not only demonstrate your talent, but to go one step-further and to encourage others to create and follow their passion also. Furthermore, we provide links to your social media, websites and online stores too. Those subscribed to our mailing list will receive a weekly email revealing the featured artist of that week. One week, it may be you. Finally, it’s entirely FREE. All we ask is that your write truly and from the heart.

How much do I have to write?

We generally advise a minimum of 600 words, along with no less than five chosen photos of your work, process or equipment to compliment your writing. Whilst we don’t want you to be stressed by a written piece, we have a responsibility to publish quality content in which stories and experiences are shared with good intentions. However succinct your writing may be, we believe 600 words is a reasonable baseline. Of course, there is no maximum word count, but as always, prioritise quality over quantity.

What if I’m not a confident writer?

That’s no problem at all. We don’t believe the experiences and enthusiasm derived from your work and creativity should be dependant upon your literary skill. As long as you convey clear meaningful content and your writing is relevant, we’ll do the rest. We always proof-read before publishing. Structure, spelling and grammar will be rectified before submission, so kick back, put your feet up and let us do the rest.

When will I be featured?

This is always a difficult question to accurately answer. Simply put, it depends on our submission queue. We will always try our best to feature you as soon as we can, but we have to respect other previous submissions too. Please appreciate that we currently feature one creative individual at a time, so have faith in times of high demand. Rest assured, we will not forget about you. Please also note that we do reserve the right to refuse submissions if we do not believe they meet the quality standards we aspire to be associated with. This includes (but not limited to) use of profanity and/or little to no personal experience, insight or constructive message for readers. Bare in mind that this is an opportunity to share something new, to inspire and to help build and encourage creativity, not merely to present your work with no context or thought. In the unlikely case that we refuse a submission, we will notify you.

Can I email to ask something else?

Of course, we’d love to hear from you. If wanting to be featured yourself or you’re wanting to recommend someone else, then please use the forms found under ‘Contact’. For photography, videography, graphic design or business enquiries, please use the form under ‘Services‘. For anything else, please email hello@creative-collective.cc