#002 – Work hard. If you work hard every day, things happen

I am Fran Pulido and I’m 28 years old. Currently I live in Cádiz, Spain (I was born here) but in October I moved to London. I studied a Graphic Design and Fine Arts degree at University of Granada and I have worked with some agencies as a graphic designer. My real passion though, is to draw; to tell stories through illustration in whichever way I can. I love to design and I always think like a designer. However, I’m trying to live as an illustrator.

A short while ago, Dribbble interviewed me, stating my work is “vibrant” and I love this. I think it’s an accurate description. My personal work is based on love, nostalgia and memories. I try to state this with big spaces of colours fighting with details and texturised areas, unnatural sizes of objects and with utilising hand brushes. The figure of a woman is very prominent in my work. In most of my submissions I want to implement this to develop and share my own style. In terms of career, I would primarily love to work as cover illustrator. For vinyl, books, film posters, music festivals and packaging too! That being said, I think aspirations change during a lifetime, so in five years perhaps I’ll want to be a cartoonist or web designer. I’m not sure, I’m open to whatever comes my way. I think if you have an artistic mind it is always open to something.

I think if you have an artistic mind it is always open to something.

I often like to reference “my own experiences”, however I am young. Still, I like to mix my personal experiences with the experiences of other people to create my own fantasy and visions. I have not shared this with many people, but I worked as a waiter in a care home for eight months and I saw and heard so many different stories. I use these as inspiration in my work, even in a short comic once! My creations are never of random origin. My work is always partly derived from some form of inspiration from somewhere. For example, I love drama and thriller films and I like to employ little parts of these and implement them into my own work.

Even though illustration is the only child hobby and passion that earns me money, that’s not the only motivation. I love my profession, my setup, my tools, books etc. and I can easily spend many hours, nights and warm summer days working regardless of income. In times when I don’t earn as much money, it still serves as more than enough motivation and enjoyment to keep me going every day. Without love and devotion, no artist can be content indefinitely.

Without love and devotion, no artist can be content indefinitely.

This piece of work above is titled ‘Fake’. It’s a favourite piece of mine because it incorporates many elements of my work ethos into one illustration. Colours, sizes, brushes, movement, and darkness help convey a clear message. A message that we are living in a world where it is increasingly harder to live consistently and truly with a real ‘face’ or opinion. We choose to portray perfected versions of ourselves behind social media which serves as a grand mask for every one of us.

When creating, for me, there is no place like home.

When creating, for me, there is no place like home. I am not ashamed or secretive about this. I wish I could sound cool, that I have created my best pieces in a wild forest but no, I am really comfortable in my studio with a good cup of tea or coffee. I am frequently asked about how I choose the colours to include in my work and I guess, for me, it happens in a natural way. Years ago I used more desaturated palettes, now I favour the three primary colours and contrast. I am not over-obsessed with colours, however, you’ll notice shades of blue (particularly turquoise) in all of my work.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to give some advice that I believe in. Work hard. If you work hard every day, things happen. It’s inevitable. It sounds cliché, but do all you can to remain positive. Some days it can be hard (I’m very impatient at times);expect this. However, as I said before, carry on working hard. Do not be ashamed to look at the work of other professionals and also amateurs. Use these as inspiration and try your hand at every thing you like it about their work. This is good practise and will develop your skills. Slowly but surely, and step by step you will create your own language and style to portray your ideas.

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