#026 – Walls broken with creative forces unspoken

I would love to remain spiritually & religiously neutral, however I think any artist would agree on the following:

Bringing something that once didn’t exist into existence is nothing short of a humbling, out of body experience. The process of having an idea can only be compared to experiencing the mind of God.

When creating a piece, the creative force of the universe has chosen to work through us at that moment. And for whatever reason, that piece of work was meant to exist in this moment in time. While that same force works through us, the artist, it becomes alive and continues to live with every person who sees your piece.

The human experience often times feels like a big joke when viewing it from a subjective point of view, it’s absurd. Life is messy and often times for more people than not, is filled with anguish. We cannot all relate to one another on an instinctual level, maybe with a lot of empathy and practice. But emotion, now that, is mankind’s universal language.

…emotion, now that, is mankind’s universal language.

We may not agree with every emotion of another but we cannot run away from recognizing them. Art, before anything else, is the external bridge we build between one another and the bridge between concrete existence and the internal human experience.

Whether you believe this experience is a simulation, a big joke, or has some sort of meaning, we understand sadness, we understand joy, we understand emotions.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand or feel the division and tension that exists in our world, it’s always existed and most likely will continue to. It also doesn’t take a genius to feel the emotion and message behind a piece of work, art is possibly the most egalitarian force that we recognize universally.

Art exists outside of time, meaning anyone can feel translated to another moment.

Art exists outside of space, meaning it can take anyone out of their body.

…art is possibly the most egalitarian force that we recognize universally.

It has the ability to unite opposites, to bring together the most unlikely pairs from the most separate walks of life.

If you don’t believe me, look at how many people chanted Beyoncé at Coachella and the amount of money The Avengers brings in. Sure, these are huge pop/icon references, but how could they have even begun to get as huge as they are without the common denominator of the human experience.

Memes, another social phenomena of the 21st century, is nothing short of pure connection and barrier breaking. I could laugh at a meme with my worst enemy. We love to laugh and cry and celebrate! I could say the most pointless sentence ever formed with a little conviction and get a standing ovation! Can anything be more powerful than relatable content? I say no.

That’s what art is: Relatable content.

I could laugh at a meme with my worst enemy.

Often times when I go to make a piece, I worry that the internal dialogue I feel won’t be conveyed through each piece, or that I lack the talent to bring that dialogue into anything worth looking at. An image will pop into my mind and if it’s good, it won’t leave me until it comes alive outside of myself.

Sometimes the good ideas will build themselves, unfolding, becoming more humorous or emotional, much like our life experience. Every idea builds, and we may not recognize the full beauty until the end. But who am I kidding? I’m never happy with my end product, which only makes me more curious and driven to make the next.

Art – full of every emotion and background fathomable – breaks barriers and connects us all. Because whether we like it or not, we are the same.

I don’t mean we deny history or culture. I mean we recognise and respect the emotion of every human experience. And by effortlessly doing that, the freedom we all seek just may be found in the story of a human you may have previously believed to not matter.

The unspoken force of creativity, roaming about, screaming in its own way, just might find itself on your piece of art. Ready to change lives and connect us all.

Moving people, what could be more important?

Nicole Mauck is an illustrator, actress and director from Ohio, USA.

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