#008 – Illustrators; we make mistakes too

My name is Stacey Thomas, and I’m a multidisciplinary illustrator / maker from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. I work in a pretty broad range of media – painting, model-making, animation, textiles – always incorporating lots of bright block colours, tactile materials and tiny details.

I think the biggest thing I’ve had to learn, as an illustrator, is that it’s ok if things go wrong. I know it’s a truism that the only bad mistake is one you don’t learn from – but it’s still true. As long as you can recognise the error, you can take steps to avoid it in future.

Or at the very least, you might be able to write a comic about it…

Stacey Thomas is an illustrator and maker, currently based in Oxfordshire, UK. She graduated from the University of Brighton in 2017 with a First Class degree in Illustration. Her interests include world literature / mythology, theatre, traditional crafts, conceptual art and the natural world.

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 staceythomasmakes   staceythomasmakes.com