#037 – Recognition through photography, perseverance and passion

Passionate about art and creation since a young age, I turned to photographical studies. Importantly, on top of this, I turned to studying the internet in order to obtain a dual competence. As a front-end developer, I was able to flourish in design and also business and creation. My studies here afforded me the opportunity to create my website and business with my own vision, ultimately highlighting my best work.

I was quickly confronted with a desire for independence and autonomy; I wanted to dedicate myself entirely to photography which I discovered was taking up more and more commitment in my daily life. Thus, for less than a year, I have been freelancing in photography.

My professional career has led me to invest in several areas of photography: retouching, portrait, events, products, as well as design and architecture. It is in the latter that I chose to specialise, because it corresponds with several elements of my personality: meticulousness, creativity, and a sense of aestheticism.

My professional career has led me to invest in several areas of photography.

What I like about architecture are lines, depth and textures. Adding a subject is a good way to appreciate the size of the environment and adds a real addition to the composition of the image.

More recently, I have approached architecture from a different angle. A stylistic image related to the area of fine art. I dare to step out of my comfort zone and try new things as regularly as I can. I maintain minimalism whilst focusing more on one element of the structure. What changes most is the technique. I take time, with a long exposure, and I usually catch a moving person.

I dare to step out of my comfort zone and try new things…

I fortunately had the opportunity to partake in an exhibition of my work. It was the first time I saw my work in a different medium than digital, and on a larger scale too. Since then, I have given it real priority and thought.

photo: @delpinosaure (INSTAGRAM)

These days, I enjoy testing and experimenting with different media, such as calendars or photo books. I’m actually designing a zine. It is an interesting format because we are free to design it and do what we like. I look forward to sharing it!

Photography has made me want to travel the world. Thanks to this, I was able to travel in Europe and even live the life of an expatriate. I have been living in Montreal, Canada, for almost two years. I also took the opportunity to visit North America. After, I spent some time in Toronto, New York and Quebec City, and now I continue my journey to the west. This time, I’m going to take a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, through the canyons and parks of this vast territory. I can’t wait to find out more!

After this experience, I’ll return to Europe to focus on my business, while planning new trips. This time in the Nordic countries.

This passion for photography and travel has led me to beautiful encounters, especially thanks to Instagram; a source of infinite resources to inspire and discover. I have developed good relationships with other photographers through this social network. From the simple sending of private messages, I was able to meet and forge links with other users. Especially Simon Lachapelle and Colin Surprenant, with whom I was able to travel and who are great friends to this day. Check out their work by clicking on their names.

This passion for photography and travel has led me to beautiful encounters…

Furthermore, Instagram gave me the opportunity to work with brands. The idea was to promote their products and their brand image on social networks. Their trust was a real drive for me, I was free in creating these images. This is a challenge that I have enjoyed, and I hope to be able to meet others in the future and work with more inspiring and ambitious brands.

I think you have to be confident, motivated, and hard-working to get your projects completed to exceptional standard. We must not give up…

… it is with perseverance and passion that our work will be recognised.

Sylvain Martin is a travelled developer and freelance photographer specialising in architectural and fine art photography.

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